What we Do

We manufacture high-performance, predictable and reliable POSITIVE-ACTION OVERTORQUE CLUTCHES , and specialize in serving the valve, gearbox, actuator and machinery markets - offering the highest quality products and support. We offer turn-key solutions for new and retrofit applications.

Our Technology

Our OVERTORQUE CLUTCHES are mechanical devices that will only allow the proper (SAFE) amount of input torque to pass into valves/actuators/gearboxes or machinery.
Any torque that exceeds the set-point is not passed through into the equipment. If input torque exceeds the OVERTORQUE CLUTCH set-point, it completely disconnects from the equipment (temporarily), preventing excessive torque from transferring into the equipment. Reconnection happens automatically, without user intervention. Only the proper (SAFE) amount of torque is applied.

About Us

Aunspach Controls Company has protected valves, actuators and personnel from overtorque damage for more than 35 years. We manufacture the most rugged and reliable Overtorque Clutches available anywhere.

Markets & Applications

Aunspach Controls Company's Overtorque Clutches are specified by water municipalities across North America. Our Overtorque Clutches are currently in service on five continents in multiple markets, including:

  • Municipal water distribution valves and actuators
  • Industrial fluid processing and handling
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Nuclear and fossil-fueled power plants
  • Refineries, offshore facilities and pipelines
  • Mechanical power transmission