Model D87

Overtorque Clutch

The Model D87 is mounted on the gearbox's input shaft between the gearbox and handwheel. Handwheel torque is transmitted from the handwheel through the Model D87 to the gearbox/actuator or valve. The D87 will transmit operating torque but will not transmit torque greater than its pre-set limit.


  • ZERO maintenance
  • Permanently lubricated, hermetically sealed mechanism
  • Corrosion protected inside & out with AWWA C213-approved fusion-bonded epoxy & stainless-steel fasteners
  • Connections are machined specifically for each application
  • Exceeds IP68 water ingress standard. Tested water-tight under 230 feet water pressure.
  • Pre-calibrated & ready to mount, no modifications required
  • Single-point calibration


  • Male Connection:Shaft with keyway, cross-drill etc., machined per your requirements
  • Female connection: Bored socket with keyway, cross-drill etc., machined per your requirements
  • Core Weight: 10 lbs
  • Operating Temperature: -10°F to 250°F
  • *higher & lower temperature models are available

  • Core Envelope Dimensions: 4-1/4" ⌽ x 3-1/2"
  • IP Rating: Exceeds IP68. Tested water-tight under 230 feet water pressure
  • Concealed calibration screw to discourage tampering

Model Standard Trip Torque Trip Torque Capacities
D87-250 200 lbft 25 to 250 lbft
D87-500 400 lbft 50 to 500 lbft

   *Other trip-torques are available

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2 / 3
3 / 3

Side View
Top View
Bottom View

Valves, gearboxes, actuators, dampers, conveyors, and most other equipment

*For applications not listed, consult factory


Remove existing handwheel. If applicable, place key in handwheel shaft's keyway, the slide the Model D87 onto the handwheel shaft. Tighten the mounting screws. Mount handwheel on the D87 shaft using the included key (where applicable).


Model D87’s are shipped pre-calibrated to end-user specification and ready to install.
The trip torque calibration screws are concealed with the male shaft to prevent tampering.
They may be re-calibrated by the following procedure:

Field Calibration
  1. Remove shaft bolts
  2. Rotate the adjusting screw inward (clockwise) to increase trip torque or outward (counterclockwise) to decrease. For more precise calibration use a torque wrench to verify setting.
  3. After adjustment, add drop of Loctite 290 to the calibration screw and replace shaft.
Calibration Curve
d87 calib curve
Bench Calibration
360 View
360 degree view here

Connections machined specifically to fit your electric actuators, gearboxes or other equipment.

Model D87

Overtorque Clutch


  • Zero maintenance
  • Operates buried & submerged
  • Permanently lubricated
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Pre-calibrated & ready to mount, no modifications required
  • Corrosion protected with AWWA C213-approved fusion-bonded epoxy & stainless-steel fasteners

Fully Submersible

The Model D87 operates buried and submerged. The mechanism is permanently lubricated and hermetically sealed to exceed IP 68 water ingress standard IEC 60529 Ed 2.2 2013. Units have been tested water tight under 230 feet (70 meters) water pressure.

ZERO Maintenance

The D87 requires ZERO maintenance due to it's permanently sealed & lubricated mechanism.

Decades of Reliable Use

Most large municipalities across the US have been using the Model D87 for decades.

Rugged. Dependable.

Rugged construction materials, corrosion protected by industry standard AWWA C213-approved 3M fusion-bonded epoxy.